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This type of signage, also referred to as Fascias, runs along the edge of your building’s roof. It provides a familiar identity for your clients and indicates who you are and what your business does to visitors and potential customers.

Fascia signs are always implemented outdoors and Screenline can assist in the installation of the signage to your building. Because of the high quality of our products, these signs are durable and will last in all weather conditions.

Types of Fascia Signage

  • Die Bond: This consists of a sheet of flexible plastic that is not transparent but can be cut to shape and is self adhesive.
  • Pan-a-Trim: This consists of a cost effective aluminium frame with a thin flexible plastic that is self adhesive and can but cut into any shape.
  • Mastercase: This consists of an external light box and aluminium frame (with internal lighting) that can either be used for single or double sided illumination. This is wrapped with a this flexible plastic (vinyl).
  • Flexi-face: This consists of a vinyl that is tensioned over the frame, but the frame will not be visible. It comes with internal lighting and can be single or double sided illumination.
  • Pan Tray: This consists of a solid aluminium case with internal lighting with cut-outs for light effects. A self adhesive vinyl is applied to the frame.
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