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Billboards are large advertising displays that can be viewed from long distances. They are typically placed in high traffic areas and busy roads. Their strength is the fact that they present your brand message to passing drivers  24/7  365. This makes billboards both an effective and efficient marketing option.

Billboards allow for creative adaptation: Custom designs, billboard extensions, and other embellishments. The more eye catching the billboard, the more attention it will attract.

Screenline has the technical expertise, experience, and equipment to produce striking billboard displays that will attract attention whilst getting your marketing message across.

Made from durable PVC and printed using ultraviolet resistant inks, our billboards can withstand South Africa weather conditions.


  • Can be seen from extended distances
  • Attract attention 24/7 365
  • Withstand severe weather conditions
  • Durability

We have a range of finishing options available, such as pockets, eyelets and welded in ropes, in order for us to supply the billboard  print to meet your individual requirements. If needed, we can assist with the installation as well.


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